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La Organización sobre Derechos y Reformas Ambientales de Pilsen
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Press Kit

EPA Reaches Agreement with H. Kramer (EPA Press Release), Thursday, April 6, 2006 [ DOWNLOAD ]

EPA cites H. Kramer for clean-air violations (EPA press release), July 6, 2005 [ LINK TO EPA SITE ]

July 1, 2005 Reports on H. Kramer Co. by Chicago Department of Environment, Department of Public Health, Illinois EPA, and U.S. EPA [ LINK TO REPORTS PAGE ]

Soil sampling results, STAT Analysis Corp. (samples taken March 6 and 14, 2005)

Analysis of soil results, Subra Co.

Surface wipe sampling results, STAT Analysis Corp. (samples taken May 7, 2005)

Analysis of surface wipe results, Subra Co.

Scorecard.org data on H. Kramer & Co.

H. Kramer Superfund site in California

Notes from meeting between PERRO, Alderman Solis’ Office and the Department of Environment, February 2, 2005

Questions community asked DOE report to answer, submitted to the Department of Environment at January 31, 2005 press conference

DOE response to questions, April 11, 2005

Past Media Coverage

See the “PERRO in the News” section for past newspaper, TV, and radio coverage of the H. Kramer campaign.

Press Releases

April 6, 2006 -- H. Kramer to spend $500,000 on Pollution Filters: Pilsen residents' activism, research, and communication with officals pays off [ DOWNLOAD ]

June 1, 2005 -- Elevated Lead Levels Found in Independent Soil Tests around H. Kramer Foundry in Pilsen: Parents, teachers, and members of the Pilsen community continue to fight for a clean environment

January 31, 2005 -- Pilsen Residents Push for Action Against Polluter: Community Involves Department of Environment in Investigation of H. Kramer Foundry

November 8, 2004 -- Referendum Passes to Investigate Foundry Pollution in Pilsen: H. Kramer and Company Brass Foundry Spreading Cancer, Breathing Problems with Lead Emissions [ DOWNLOAD ]

To contact PERRO

Call us to obtain more information or interview sources in English or Spanish.

Dorian Breuer
(312) 854-9247




Print-Quality Photos

Click the images below to download photos that print 4x6 at 300 dpi.

Kramer from SE (S. Throop St.)
Metallic-smelling steam
The alley behind Kramer dead-ends in trash and dirt Maria Chavez carries soil samples in a cooler Kramer from NE (W. 21st St.)
Members of the soiltesting group: (L-R) Mike Dvorak, Maria Chavez, Jack Ailey, Dorian Breuer, Jose Chavez, Ramiro Borja
Jack Ailey taking a soil sample (also available as a vertical)
Maria Chavez logs the test sites and puts soil samples in a cooler

Video for Broadcast Media

“Pollution at H. Kramer,” Thomas Yun and Dorian Breuer [ DOWNLOAD -- 42 MB MOV file ]

“The Air We Breathe in Pilsen”
a documentary by Thomas Yun and Dorian Breuer

[ DOWNLOAD -- 12 MB MOV file ]

Raw footage of H. Kramer pollution available upon request



PERRO is a grassroots community organization located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.
For more information, please contact Dorian Breuer at (312) 854-9247 or email info@pilsenperro.org.