Lead drinking water concerns related to water meter program

Drinking water needs to have a LEAD water filter to be on the safe side as soon possible. Tribune article on mayor lightfoot stopping the water meter program because of lead in the water. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/environment/ct-chicago-water-meters-lead-spike-20190709-gvxaqf52grcdnhajlmlhrin3oe-story.html   City residents can request to have their water tested by calling 311. Request a water filter too when you call 311.

Lead in drinking water EPA press release information.

The Illinois EPA has recently launched an online Lead Service Line Inventory. This tool allows residents to search for their public water system and download a report detailing the types of materials that make up their local water distribution system.  To explore the Service Line Material Inventory Reports table and search for your own community’s information, please visit this page: …