Ald. Danny Solis – Paid off by Midwest Gen to Ignore Clean Power Ordinace – PERRO

By DogStar7 Videos

October 10, 2010

Jerry Mead-Lucero from PERRO talks to DogStar7 Video producer John Sheehan about PERRO, Pilsen and the current campaign to pass a city-wide clean air ordinance.

Silent Voices

By Sarah Trowbridge

July 31, 2008.Film about the views of the residents of the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago about issues in the community, particularly about pollution.Film by Sara Trowbridge. Project in association with PERRO( Made in July 2008.

[Download (299MB)]

“Pollution at H. Kramer,” Thomas Yun and Dorian Breuer [ DOWNLOAD — 42 MB MOV file ]

“The Air We Breathe in Pilsen”
a documentary by Thomas Yun and Dorian Breuer

[ DOWNLOAD — 12 MB MOV file ]

TheAir Over Pilsen

By Nick Martin


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