TRIBUNE: High levels of toxic lead found in air outside Chicago school

Michael Hawthorne from the Chicago Tribune has reported on high toxic lead levels found in Pilsen air thanks to the work of PERRO members such as Maria to have the monitors sited here by the Illinois EPA. According to the article:

New monitoring data obtained by the Tribune reveal that high levels of toxic lead frequently lingered in the air last year outside an elementary school in the predominantly Latino enclave that is attended by nearly 500 children.

Average lead levels at Perez Elementary School were at or above federal limits during three three-month periods in 2010, the data show. Lead pollution exceeded health standards during a fifth of the days monitored and, on one day in December, spiked more than 10 times higher — findings that alarm even veteran investigators.

Read the full story on our website or on the website of the Chicago Tribune.

The USEPA has release a webpage with information about this issue in Pilsen: “Air Issues in Chicago’s Pilsen Neighborhood.”

Read our press release.

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