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PERRO launches Saturday morning Environmental Justice Training Program Jan. 25th…

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PERRO is very excited about the launch of our long planned Environmental Justice (EJ) Training Program! This program invites both local youth and adults to learn about EJ principals, learn how to conduct scientific sampling in the community for various pollutants, and how to apply this knowledge to solving environmental problems in our community. The program is a joint effort of PERRO and the Field Museum’s Earthforce environmental education program.

Sessions will be held every Saturday, starting Jan. 25th, from 10 AM until 12:00 PM at Lozano Leadership Academy (corner of Blue Island Ave. and Western Ave. – exact room and building location to be announced). We expect the program to wrap up in June.

Would you like to be part of this new exciting environmental education program? Would you like to learn more about the environmental justice movement? Would you like to learn how to conduct soil, air and water tests? Would you like to investigate potential environmental problems in the community? Here is your chance.

Though the bulk of participants will be local high school students, we have limited openings for others who would also like to participate. All are encouraged to apply.
If you are interested, contact program coordinator Stephanie Dunn for more info at….
(312) 768-9949 or sdunn1342@gmail.com


PERRO wants to hear from you…

AcmeIf you were unable to make the November 13th Public Forum on Pure Metal Recycling’s proposal to open a scrap metal recycling facility in the Pilsen neighborhood along Loomis St. from Cermak Rd. to the river, we still want to hear from you.  Pure Metal Recycling plans to open a facility which will collect and shred scrap metal.  To find out more about the proposal see these following news articles…





To let us know what you think, click on one of the following links to answer a quick survey.

English…    https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YY9YJXV

Spanish…   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YDQFMBL

PERRO celebrates Loewenthal Site clean up with new US EPA chief Gina McCarthy…

Yesterday members of PERRO meet with the newly appointed Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy.  We discussed the ongoing partnership between PERRO and the U.S. EPA to tackle several contaminated sites in the Pilsen community and several area sources of pollution.  PERRO members expressed their concern about the high levels of lead in soil throughout the community; in particular at homes and properties near the H. Kramer and Co. brass smelter at 1345 W 21st St. and along the railroad tracks owned by BNSF on Sangmon St.  But much of the event was meant to celebrate the success of the remediation at the Loewenthal site at 947 W. Cullerton St. which PERRO drew attention to in November of 2012 and which the US EPA clean up this past Summer.  For press reports of the meeting, see the following links…



The following video by CAN-TV is of a press conference held jointly by PERRO and the US EPA in June at the beginning of the Loewenthal site clean up…


PERRO in the News: In Pilsen questions remain over cleanup of Fisk site

From Drew Kann of Medill Reports: “In Pilsen questions remain over cleanup of Fisk site

Drew Kann/MEDILL. PERRO volunteers at this past weekend’s open house show the local activist group’s recently released recommendations for the use of the Fisk Generation Station site.

PERRO volunteers at this past weekend’s open house show the local activist group’s recently released recommendations for the use of the Fisk Generation Station site.

Drew Kann/MEDILL. PERRO volunteer Rose Gomez makes a sign at Saturday’s open-house viewing of the activist group’s redevelopment plans for the now-shuttered Fisk Generation Station site.

Outlined in blue is the land on the Fisk Generation Station site that is available for future redevelopment, according to the PERRO report.

There is no shortage of ideas among Pilsen residents about what to do with the site of the now-shuttered Fisk Generation Station located in the West Side Chicago neighborhood.

However, many in the area seem to share one concern: site remediation and cleanup.

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