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PERRO Leaves H. Kramer management a gift: buckets of polluted soil on their doorstep…

On Saturday, PERRO was joined by members of Rising Tide Chicago (RTC) for an action outside the H. Kramer and Company brass smelter located at 1345 West 21st Street, in the heart of the Pilsen community. The rally was held not only to highlight the fact that H. Kramer is the neighborhood’s number one source of lead pollution, but to also draw attention to the fact that while thousands were protesting NATO in Chicago this past weekend, much of H. Kramer’s profits come from its sales to the Defense Department. H. Kramer has been a supplier to the Department of Defense receiving over $8 million in contracts between 2000-2011.

Here is a brief video of the action…

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PERRO Protests H. Kramer

Press Release: Local Groups Protest Deadly Lead Pollution from H. Kramer in Pilsen; Connect H. Kramer to NATO and the G8

Date/Time: Saturday, May 19, 2:30 PM
Event: Press Conference
Location: 1345 W 21st Street

Chicago, IL — Local groups and residents including the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO) gather on Saturday in front of the H. Kramer facility in the heavily polluted Pilsen community to actively protest that company’s decades of deadly lead emissions.

Protesters will demand that H. Kramer clean up its operations and accept conditions PERRO has asked it to follow as part of a 2011 lawsuit by the Illinois Attorney General for violations of lead emissions and improper operation of their pollution control systems. In February of this year, PERRO had a  public  hearing with the IL AG’s office and IL EPA to inform the community of the status of the litigation and demand a clean up of lead in the neighborhood’s soil. PERRO put together a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) that would have H. Kramer pay for the soil remediation efforts of surrounding homes, public parks, schools and community gardens. The SEP was rejected by H. Kramer.
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Recent Coverage: Youth March & EPA Announcement

The situation with high pollution levels in Pilsen has been making the news quite a lot in recent days thanks to the work of Pilsen youth who marched against pollution (leading an “Anti-Pollution Revolution”) and the U.S. EPA’s announcement that it is proposing that central Pilsen be declaired a non-attainment area for lead (that the lead-air levels exceed legal limits).

Great job to the students in Pilsen, particularly from the Lozano Leadership Academy. Below is some of the media coverage:

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