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Feb. 15th Public Hearing on Lead Pollution in Pilsen

Important Public Hearing on Lead Pollution in Pilsen: The Illinois EPA wants to hear from Pilsen residents

Wednesday, February 15th
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Casa Michoacán – 1638 S. Blue Island Ave.

PERRO’s work monitoring pollution in the Pilsen neighborhood over the past 8 years has lead the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to determine that there are serious concerns in regards to lead air pollution in the Pilsen community.  The Illinois EPA and the Illinois State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against H. Kramer and Co. a brass smelter at 1345 West 21st St. which they believe bears primary responsibility for the lead pollution problem.  Continue reading

Recent Coverage: Youth March & EPA Announcement

The situation with high pollution levels in Pilsen has been making the news quite a lot in recent days thanks to the work of Pilsen youth who marched against pollution (leading an “Anti-Pollution Revolution”) and the U.S. EPA’s announcement that it is proposing that central Pilsen be declaired a non-attainment area for lead (that the lead-air levels exceed legal limits).

Great job to the students in Pilsen, particularly from the Lozano Leadership Academy. Below is some of the media coverage:

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