Pilsen Underground: Community forum on contaminated soil


PERRO is working with the EPA, the Health Department and the city to put together a community forum on polluted soils in Pilsen.

We will hear presentations from each of these groups to discuss in detail the soil along the Sangamon Trail as well as results from last year’s tests around H. Kramer Copper Smelter.

We will have time for Q&A and further discussion on remediation.

Veremos presentaciones sobre la contaminacion de la tierra en Pilsen en especialidad por el camino de la Sangamon y los resultados de unas pruebas de el ano pasodo cercas de la compania H Kramer.

Hablaremos y contestaremos sus preguntas.


June 16, 6-8 p.m. at Holy Trinity Croation, 1850 South Throop

16 de Junio, 6-8 p.m., Inglesia Holy Trinity, 1850 South Throop

For more information, call 678-977-9389 or email victoria@pilsenperro.org.

Para más información llame 678-977-9389 o correo de electrónico victoria@pilsenperro.org.

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