Pilsen Soil Project Update


See map, which shows

June 2016 Update

Areas 1 through 10 representing segments along the spur and alley.OU 1 consists of an east-west alley between West 21st Street and West Cermak Road and between South Loomis and South Throop Streets. It also includes a railway spur that begins on South Laflin Street behind the Benito Juarez Community Academy athletic field and ending on West Cermak Road just east of South Loomis Street. Starting in November, EPA oversaw the removal of tracks and ties along the railway spur and the excavation and disposal of lead-contaminated soil from the railroad spur and alley. (See map, which shows Areas 1 through 10 representing segments along the spur and alley.)¬† Area 1 west of the Benito Juarez parking lot driveway has a final compacted gravel cap. Workers have also completed capping with a final asphalt cover on Areas 5, 7, 8 and 9. The eastern part of Area 1 (east of the Benito Juarez parking lot driveway) and Area 2 will have an asphalt cover installed the week of June 20 along with Areas 4, 6 and 10. Area 3 is the area where the railroad spur crossed over South Loomis Street and it is already covered with the street’s asphalt.

Jaunary 2016

Environmental Protection Agency is asking owners of over 100 properties in a portion of the Pilsen neighborhood for permission to take samples in their yards and gardens for lead-contaminated soil.

The specific residential area — referred to as Operable Unit 2 — is bounded by 18th Place to the north, an alley halfway between Allport Street and Racine Avenue to the east, 21st Street to the south, and Loomis Street to the west. There are about 178 residential properties in this 25-acre OU2 site. About 121 of the properties have non-permanent covers in their yards such as bare soil, grass or gravel and are the focus of EPA’s outreach.

If you own a residential property within these boundaries, EPA urges you to complete an access agreement allowing us to sample your property for lead to find out if a cleanup is needed. Turning in your signed access agreement during January and February will help the Agency begin work when the first signs of spring arrive.

https://www.epa.govp June 2016/il/pilsen-area-soil-site


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