PERRO begins community dialogue on the future of the Fisk coal plant site…

Public Forum of the Future of the Fisk Coal Plant
Thursday, March 22nd
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Lozano Library – 1805 South Loomis St.

By now all of you probably know that we have achieved a great victory here in Pilsen. For 109 years, the Fisk coal fired power plant has poisoned the residents of our community. The pollution from Fisk has been responsible for untold thousands of cases of respiratory and cardiovascular illness and shortened life spans. But as of next December, this health crisis will finally come to an end. Midwest Generation has reached an agreement with local community organizations, the Chicago Clean Power Coalition, and the City of Chicago to retire the Fisk plant by Dec. 31st 2012.

Below is a clip from Telemundo featuring PERRO member Claudia Lucero talking about the future of the Fisk site…

This is a great victory for the hundreds of Pilsen residents who fought pollution from the Fisk plant for over a decade now. PERRO (Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization) lead this fight in the Pilsen community starting in the early 2000’s. But our work is not yet over. A new stage in this struggle is now upon us. We need to be sure that the Fisk site is remediated, clean-up fully, after a century of contamination. And than we need to make sure the community has a voice in the re-development of the site. We need to be sure that the Fisk property is never again, a source of adversity for our neighborhood. It is an exciting turn of events and PERRO is ready to lunch a dialogue in Pilsen about the future we would like to see for the site.

To this end, PERRO is launching a series of Community Forums with three purposes in mind…

Update residents on the closure agreements signed by Midwest Generation
Remediation plans for the property
Re-development plans for the property

The first of these forums will be held next Thursday, March 22nd between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM at the Lozano Library – 1805 South Loomis St.

We invite all of you to attend. Your input will be vital to the next phase in our community struggle.

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