EPA is asking for comments from the Public !!

Please submit comments to the EPA as soon as possible.

In the name of “regulatory reform,” the EPA is asking for comments on how EPA regulations are “burdensome” and which should be repealed. Pruitt has been reaching out to polluters for weeks so they have had some lead time to record their comments.

But it wasn’t until April 12th that the EPA website about “public participation” was published. Please send this to everyone in your networks and urge them to give Pruitt and his leadership team at the EPA an earful! Comment here !!!

Lead contaminated Residential Soil Clean-up begins by H. Kramer & Co in Pilsen April 2017


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is overseeing the cleanup of leadcontaminated soil in the residential area referred to as Operable Unit 2 of the Pilsen Area Soils site. Contractors from H. Kramer & Co. are resuming the work this month April 2017 in the area bounded by West 18th Place to the north, an alley halfway between South Allport Street and South Racine Avenue to the east, West 21st Street to the south, and South Loomis Street to the west (See map, Page 2). The work is being conducted in compliance with U.S. EPA’s unilateral order issued to H. Kramer & Co.  to remove lead-contaminated soil from at least 54 residential yards in the target area.

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Residential home owner agreements can be found at links below. (Testing as well as lead soil clean-up to be done at no charge to homeowner.)



The EPA along with PERRO volunteers will be doing Outreach in the OU2 area to reach homeowners starting in April 2017

Pilsen Soil Operable Unit 2 Residential Site