Pilsen Residents on Solis Lead Ordinance: No Good Without Community Input

Chicago, IL — On Monday, July 26 Jerry Mead-Lucero testified on behalf of PERRO (the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization) in support of the new Lead Ordinance proposed by Alderman Daniel Solis (25th Ward) targeting the city’s lead polluters.  “We were not happy with the lack of community process in drafting this ordinance and think it could have been stronger, but we recognize it is a step in the right direction.”  PERRO and other Pilsen community groups such as the Pilsen Alliance opposed the original version of the proposed ordinance put forward last April by Solis.

Download the full release here: Press Release Solis Lead Ordinance

Media Coverage of the issue:

Chicago New Cooperative | Chicago Tribune | Chicago Journal | Hoy (En Espanol)

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