Job Posting: Community Organizer Position


Job Title:

Community Organizer

Mission of PERRO:

PERRO’s mission is to fight the disproportionate amount of pollution in the Pilsen and surrounding neighborhoods and to provide the community with the means and resources to struggle for their rights and Environmental Justice.

Job Purpose:

The purpose of this role is to facilitate the volunteers of the organization to continue it’s years­ long campaign against pollution and the re­-use of the closed coal­ fired power plants in Chicago. The Organizer will in addition perform administrative duties, conduct fundraising, ensure member retention and recruitment and work on outreach for the organization.

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1. Fundraising

2. Administration

a. The PERRO organizer will seek out funds to maintain and expand organizational capacity. Including:

i. Organizing events

ii. Direct Appeals

iii. Grant Fundraising and researching funding sources

a. Expense and income record keeping ­ keep a list and save receipts to get to the treasurer.

b. Organizational development

i. Maintaining regular organizational meetings ­ The PERRO Organizer will ensure that regular weekly and monthly meetings are being maintained. The organizer will encourage other members to take on tasks such as meeting facilitation, note taking, outreach emails, Facebook updates, etc., but will ensure that these responsibilities are being fulfilled and that meetings are being held.

ii. Maintaining organizational communications ­ The PERRO organizer will ensure that organizational communications are kept up­ to­ date. These include the organization’s website, email lists, Facebook pages and monthly newsletter. The PERRO organizer will encourage members to assist in these tasks but will ensure they are maintained.

c. Looking for New Campaigns/opportunities for the organization

3. Future of Fisk site Campaign

a. Education

b. Mobilization

c. Technical/Governmental/Regulatory

4. Other Campaigns

a. Organize educational events for the Pilsen community.

b. Activate members for actions endorsed by the organization.

c. EPA & testing ­ interact with the EPA and other regulators to promote PERRO’s priorities

d. Elected officials ­ maintain relationships with elected officials

e. Meetings ­ Conduct public meetings to gage the views of the community.

5. Outreach

a. Organizing regular community forums and other public educational events. The PERRO organizer will seek to organize public forums on at least a quarterly basis. The organizer will also seek out other community educational opportunities at local churches, schools and other venues.­

b. Organizing public actions.­ Much of PERRO’s profile in the community and ability to act against neighborhood polluters in driven by actions in the community. Whether they be rallies, marches, vigils or other forms of public protests, PERRO’s organizer will look for opportunities to initiate public actions in consultation with the PERRO membership.

c. Coalition building ­ An important aspect of PERRO’s work is building relationships with other community organization. The PERRO organizer will seek opportunities to engage with other neighborhood organizations for mutual benefit.

6. Member Development

a. The PERRO Organizer will seek out, identify and recruit new members to the organization through various outreach strategies including public forums, neighborhood canvassing, neighborhood coalition building, community actions, and one­ on­ one meetings with potential new members.

Reports to:

PERRO (Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization) Coordinating Committee


The PERRO Organizer position reports to the PERRO CC. Weekly reports are required that summarize all the activities of the Organizer for the CC. The report will include updates and progress on the various PERRO projects/Campaigns. (organizer shall report to CC any urgent issues or information immediately if necessary)


– Minimum 3 years experience in organizing

– Commitment to social and environmental justice and agreement with organizational mission and goals

– Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations

– Excellent oral and written communication skills

– Skilled facilitator and familiarity with popular education principles

– Excellent organizational skills­­ good attention to detail and well organized

– Solid computer skills (knowledge of Microsoft Office, Internet, Social Media, and databases)

– Team player, self­ starter, quick learner, and ability to work in fast ­paced environment

– Flexibility to work some weeknights and weekends

– Bilingual in English & Spanish

– Part­ time

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