Heliport Hearing 3/20/14 @1pm @City Hall/Come to Speak up Thursday!

On March 20th, 2014  Chicago Helicopter Express (CHE) will proceed to Plan Commission regarding the proposed heliport located at 2420 S. Halsted. To date, Chicago Helicopter Express has held only three community meetings for surrounding neighbors regarding the proposed heliport; however, notice of these meetings was given only days in advance, catching the community off guard and giving them little chance to challenge the claims of Chicago Helicopter Express (CHE)
Please join us to speak up against the Heliport:
Chicago Plan Commission 121 N. LaSalle Street Council Chambers—2nd Floor, City Hall Chicago, Illinois 60602 March 20, 2014 1:00 P.M
At the Plan Commission, you will have the opportunity to speak up to three minutes in opposition to the heliport and/or submit you testimony in writing. We encourage everyone to do both. Please arrive no latter than 1:00 P.M. There is a signup card as soon as you walk into the council chambers .
PERRO and Bridgeport Alliance are organizing a community forum for late April on the heliport.  We have reached out to several experts on environmental issues to examine what might be in store for us.  We asked the Plan Commission to hold off their hearing until May after our community forum but they have not responded.

One thought on “Heliport Hearing 3/20/14 @1pm @City Hall/Come to Speak up Thursday!

  1. If they think the mess on N Lakeshore Dr was bad last Sunday (3/16/2014) caused by a single individual can you imagine a crash near the Circle Interchange, all of Chicago traffic would be crippled. What will be the plan? There is enough confusion with with drivers manipulating this dangerous spot much less to be distracted by helicopters ((thousands of moving parts of which one breaks down it goes) taking off and landing. They thought it could not happen in Seattle. LOOK MOMMY A HELICOPTER as I`m trying to navigate though this mess as it is. Doesnot IDOT have any concerns about safety?

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