Hearing on Pure Metals shredder postponed one month…

We are being told the hearing on the Pure Metals LLC’s proposal to build a metal recycling facility next to Juarez High School has been postponed. The Zoning Board of Appeals was set to hear Pure Metal’s proposal at City Hall at 2:00 PM today, but due to construction work at City Hall it is being canceled.

We will update you as soon as we have more information.

4 thoughts on “Hearing on Pure Metals shredder postponed one month…

  1. It may be true but the real question is why is Alderman Solis so quiet on the project when he was in support of it originally and now he is just hiding behind continues and delays. The people have neighborhood has spoke loud and clear. No to this project. Is Alderman Solis as city elected official that must answer to his constituents or just run a profit center for himself by taking money from all these companies? I would suggest Alderman Danny Solis should come out and tell the community is he in support of this project still.

    1. Kay, come out to the Hearing Friday February 21, 2014 at 2pm at city hall 121 N. Lasalle to voice your thoughts at the zoning board hearing
      regarding the proposal by Pure Metal to build
      shredder across from Juarez H.S.

  2. Jobs are critical and that is a valid point in supporting this project if you can honestly believe one thing the Pure Metals group has claimed. They have no experts. They have no experience. They do not have the individuals who would own this project in the Pilsen neighborhood even come out and discuss facts and what machinery they plan to install. The reason is clear. They have no clue what they are doing. At a hearing at Benito Juarez the spokesperson for Pure Metals was Brain Hynes. Anybody that knows city politics knows this man is “bad news” and somebody that Alderman Solis lets influence him for ???? Brain is being paid big money and is business partners with Alderman Solis sister. Does this even sound like a project or a payoff??

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