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How you can help

There are many things you can do to help keep Pilsen clean, and most of them relate to what you already know.

If you have skills in writing, teaching, media, art, video, translation, web or graphic design, science, law, statistics, or any other field, we can use your help.

If you are involved in a community organization and would like to work with PERRO on any level, please contact us.

If you would like PERRO to present information on pollution to your church, business, or other group, please contact us. If you teach and would like to use data on Pilsen in a classroom setting, we have a number of resources available.

If you would like to donate to PERRO, please click on the link below. Donations cover expenses such as printing informational materials, scientific testing, EPA document fees, our office, and administrative expenses. Donations are not currently tax-deductable.

If you would like to become a sustaining donor, click on one of the following levels (Donations are not currently tax deductable):

$10 per Month $15 per Month $20 per Month
$25 per Month $30 per Month $50 per Month

What to do if you see pollution

If you see or smell offensive pollution coming from any industrial area, you can call the Department of Environment complaint line at 312-744-7672, 24 hours a day. Tell the operator where the pollution is coming from. If it’s from Kramer, mention it by name. Kramer is currently on a special watch list. An operator will answer from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and after that your call will be forwarded to Streets and Sanitation. That’s okay—you can still tell them what you are seeing and urge them to investigate as soon as possible. Your complaints will be filed, and your call will make a difference in the long-term.

How to express your concerns to the city and Alderman Solis

Call Danny Solis at 312-843-1200 and tell him you are concerned about the Kramer situation and that it’s important to you that the pollution is stopped.

Join our e-mail list

Join PERRO’s News List!

Join a PERRO committee

PERRO has several committes in which you can get involved if you are interested in a particular area:

  1. Outreach Committee: This committee works on spreading information about Pilsen pollution to the community. They set up radio interviews and presentations, and work on making connections with other groups.
  2. Independent Study Committee: This committe is working on finding ways to perform testing of Pilsen soil and air to obtain data. They are also working to establish connections with university and high-school teachers, and other specialists who would like to study the environmental situation in Pilsen.
  3. Health Committee: We are looking for people who have a knowledge of lead, asthma, and other health conditions as they relate to local communities like Pilsen.

Apply to be a paid organizer


Job Title:

Community Organizer

Mission of PERRO:

PERRO’s mission is to fight the disproportionate amount of pollution in the Pilsen and surrounding neighborhoods and to provide the community with the means and resources to struggle for their rights and Environmental Justice.

Job Purpose:

The purpose of this role is to facilitate the volunteers of the organization to continue it’s years­ long campaign against pollution and the re­-use of the closed coal­ fired power plants in Chicago. The Organizer will in addition perform administrative duties, conduct fundraising, ensure member retention and recruitment and work on outreach for the organization.

Email resume and cover letter to:


1. Fundraising

2. Administration

a. The PERRO organizer will seek out funds to maintain and expand organizational capacity. Including:

i. Organizing events

ii. Direct Appeals

iii. Grant Fundraising and researching funding sources

a. Expense and income record keeping ­ keep a list and save receipts to get to the treasurer.

b. Organizational development

i. Maintaining regular organizational meetings ­ The PERRO Organizer will ensure that regular weekly and monthly meetings are being maintained. The organizer will encourage other members to take on tasks such as meeting facilitation, note taking, outreach emails, Facebook updates, etc., but will ensure that these responsibilities are being fulfilled and that meetings are being held.

ii. Maintaining organizational communications ­ The PERRO organizer will ensure that organizational communications are kept up­ to­ date. These include the organization’s website, email lists, Facebook pages and monthly newsletter. The PERRO organizer will encourage members to assist in these tasks but will ensure they are maintained.

c. Looking for New Campaigns/opportunities for the organization

3. Future of Fisk site Campaign

a. Education

b. Mobilization

c. Technical/Governmental/Regulatory

4. Other Campaigns

a. Organize educational events for the Pilsen community.

b. Activate members for actions endorsed by the organization.

c. EPA & testing ­ interact with the EPA and other regulators to promote PERRO’s priorities

d. Elected officials ­ maintain relationships with elected officials

e. Meetings ­ Conduct public meetings to gage the views of the community.

5. Outreach

a. Organizing regular community forums and other public educational events. The PERRO organizer will seek to organize public forums on at least a quarterly basis. The organizer will also seek out other community educational opportunities at local churches, schools and other venues.­

b. Organizing public actions.­ Much of PERRO’s profile in the community and ability to act against neighborhood polluters in driven by actions in the community. Whether they be rallies, marches, vigils or other forms of public protests, PERRO’s organizer will look for opportunities to initiate public actions in consultation with the PERRO membership.

c. Coalition building ­ An important aspect of PERRO’s work is building relationships with other community organization. The PERRO organizer will seek opportunities to engage with other neighborhood organizations for mutual benefit.

6. Member Development

a. The PERRO Organizer will seek out, identify and recruit new members to the organization through various outreach strategies including public forums, neighborhood canvassing, neighborhood coalition building, community actions, and one­ on­ one meetings with potential new members.

Reports to:

PERRO (Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization) Coordinating Committee


The PERRO Organizer position reports to the PERRO CC. Weekly reports are required that summarize all the activities of the Organizer for the CC. The report will include updates and progress on the various PERRO projects/Campaigns. (organizer shall report to CC any urgent issues or information immediately if necessary)


– Minimum 3 years experience in organizing

– Commitment to social and environmental justice and agreement with organizational mission and goals

– Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations

– Excellent oral and written communication skills

– Skilled facilitator and familiarity with popular education principles

– Excellent organizational skills­­ good attention to detail and well organized

– Solid computer skills (knowledge of Microsoft Office, Internet, Social Media, and databases)

– Team player, self­ starter, quick learner, and ability to work in fast ­paced environment

– Flexibility to work some weeknights and weekends

– Bilingual in English & Spanish

– Part­ time

Cómo usted puede ayudar

Hay muchas cosas que usted puede hacer para ayudarnos mantener el medioambiente de Pilsen sano y limpio, y muchas son cosas muy relatadas que cosas ya sabe usted.

Siempre necesitamos ayuda con traducción, trabajo con los medios, organizar y informar la gente, diseño web y graphico, arte y video, sciencia, y muchos otros proyectos.

Si usted está involucrado en una organización comunitaria y quisiera trabajar con PERRO en cualquier nivel, por favor mandenos un correo electronico a

Si usted ensenya y quisiera utilizar datos sobre Pilsen en una presentación, pongase en contacto con nosotros y mandenos un correo electronica a

Si usted quisiera presentar la información sobre la contaminación de Pilsen a su iglesia, negocio, o grupo social, pongase en contacto con nosotros para recibir materiales para cualquier presentación.

Si quiere dar fondos al PERRO, por favor haga click en la enlace abajo. Los fondos cubieran el imprimir de agunas materiales, pruebas scientificas, y otros gastos administrativos.

Para Donaciones por mes:

$10/Mo. $15/Mo. $20/Mo.
$25/Mo. $30/Mo. $50/Mo.

Que hacer si ve polución/contaminación en su barrio

Si usted ve o huele la contaminación que viene de cualquier área industrial, usted puede llamar a la línea de la queja del Depto. De Ambiente al 312-744-7672, 24 horas al día. Diga a operador de donde la contaminación está viniendo. Si es de Kramer, menciónelo por nombre. Kramer está actualmente en una lista especial de violadores de medio ambiente. Un operador contestará a partir de la 8:30 mañana a 4:30 P.M., y después que llame, su llamada será remitida a las Departamento de Calles de Chicago. Demanden que investiguen inmediatamente el lugar que esta emitiendo la polución/contaminaron. Sus quejas serán archivadas, y ayudara a nuestra causa al largo plazo.

Como expresar sus preocupaciones a la ciudad y al concejal Solís

Llame Danny Solis en 312-843-1200 y dígale que usted esté referido sobre la situación de Kramer y eso es importante para usted que la contaminación está parada.

Únase a nuestra lista del e-mail (correo electrónico)

Si usted quisiera enterarse más sobre nuestra campaña para un mejor medio ambiente en Pilsen, envíanos un correo electrónico a Usted recibirá e-mails sobre los acontecimientos próximos, maneras de conseguir actualizaciones implicadas, y noticias reciente sobre nuestra campaña.

Únase a PERRO y participe en una de nuestras varia Comités

  1. Comité de Educación Comunitaria: Este comité se encarga de informar y educar a la comunidad sobre la contaminación de Pilsen y sus efectos. Facilitan y proveen información a todos los medios y red de comunicaciones (TV, radio, periódicos, etc.) y trabajan para recaudar más miembro para nuestras campañas y facilitar cooperación con otras organizaciones y grupos en asuntos del medio ambiente.
  2. Comité del Estudio Scientifico Independiente: Este comité está trabajando en encontrar maneras de realizar una prueba científica de la tierra y aire de Pilsen para obtener datos. También están trabajando para establecer conexiones con profesores de universidad y de la secundaria, y a otros especialistas que quisieran estudiar la situación ambiental en Pilsen.
  3. Comité de la Salud: Estamos buscando a gente que tiene un conocimiento del plomo, el asma, y otras condiciones de la salud y como estan relacionados con el medio ambiente en las comunidades locales como Pilsen.

6 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hello!

    My name is Natalia White. I am the co-founder of an Arts organization Static Coalition Artists with Movement. During the summer we want to host an art show focused on sustainable living. Additionally I am planning on majoring in environmental studies and am really interested in getting involved with PERRO. I’m just not sure how!? Please contact me back at or by phone at 773-946-9219 if there are volunteer opportunities.

    Thank you!
    Natalia White

  2. Hello P.E.R.R.O!

    I’m a student at Loyola University Chicago, and I’m interning this summer at a social justice coalition called 8th Day Center for Justice. I’m specifically interested in environmental justice issues, and I was wondering if I could possibly volunteer with your group in some way either starting this summer or even in the fall. I’ve heard wonderful things about your organization, and I’d love to help out in any way that I can! I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. I am a volunteer instructor through the Prison-Neighborhood Arts Project preparing to lead a seminar on environmental justice this fall at Stateville Prison in Crest Hill, IL (just north of Joliet). This seminar will engage 15 passionate students: men of varying ages, races, and communities, all currently incarcerated at Stateville. The EJ seminar is part of a series on social change movements being taught at Stateville by P+NAP instructors in 2013-2014.

    We would love to host a speaker from PERRO to share your work, which is an inspiring story of social change through community organizing. The class takes place on Friday mornings, and we would like to host you in October.

    Please contact me if you are interested and available.

    Many thanks,
    Ben Almassi
    (206) 522-5007

  4. Hello P.E.R.R.O,
    I’m interested in interning with your organization. I have a strong pssion for environmental issue and I think I could be a useful new member to end environmental injustice. I also have strong writing skills, a background in marketing and public relations.
    Please let me know how I can help.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Sean Sheely and I am a student at the University of Michigan who resides in Chicago during the summer. I’m a political science major with an interest in social and humanitarian issues. I was wondering if I could be of service interning for your organization this summer. A past student of Saint Ignatius College Prep, I have volunteered in the area of Pilsen in the past and have experience interning for other welfare-promoting organizations like the Corporation for Supportive Housing. I think that I could bring this experience and help out your great organization! Please contact me if I could be of help.


  6. Hi P.E.R.R.O,
    I am from Deer Path Middle School and I am working with two fellow students of mine to raise money for your organization. I was wondering how old you have to be to joint and make a donation. We have currently raised $92 and a still going. Also would it be a problem if we attended one your meetings. We have been letting people know about your organization and how great it is. Finally, is there any way of me and my fellow piers helping to filter the river. I know we are just 5th graders but we have a great big plan to continue.

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