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What to do if you see pollution:

How to report an Environmental complaints to city, state, and national agencies.
Call 311 city of Chicago and tell them you have an Environmental Violation to report. A department  of public health
inspectors should come out for noise, odor, air emissions , toxic material, or dumping complaints.
 You can also call your local Alderman’s office and report the incident.
Alderman Daniel Solis 25th Ward office 773 523-4100
Report:  What happened.
                Where it occurred.
                When it  happened.
For emergencies complaints call only, 800 782-7860.
Electronic citizens complaint forms are available at
Chicago office general  telephone number: (312) 353-2000.
Online reporting environmental violation form
For an emergency that is life or environmentally threatening only,
call the National Response Center 1(800) 424-8802
It is very helpful to provide video or photos of possible violations if possible. The EPA also requests that a log of dates, times, and observations be kept if the issue is continuous.
Your evidence may make a significant difference in the outcome of the complaint.

How to express your concerns to Alderman Solis

Call Alderman Danny Solis at 312-843-1200 and tell him you are concerned about the pollution in Pilsen and that it needs to be stopped.