Fisk Electric Generating Station Peaker Plant comments period for permit extended to January 11th 2019 !

Comments period extended to January 11th 2019 via email or written.


or write:

Illinois EPA
Brad Frost
Re: Fisk Generating Station
1021 N. Grand Avenue East
PO Box 19276
Springfield, IL 62794-9276

PERRO is opposed to the Proposal for allowing diesel generation located at the above location to be used for this purpose. The Pilsen neighborhood already suffers from an excess of pollution from diesel motors. This includes heavy truck traffic and the nearby railroad yards.

Instead we propose that a large battery storage unit be deployed with the capability to absorb excess energy from the grid when that is necessary or to inject energy into the grid when that is needed. Such systems are being deployed in various locations across the country including in the Chicago area. These systems do not add toxic substances to the air. Additionally, they can respond more quickly than the diesel generators to the fluctuating power needs of the grid,

We should ask for monitors and reports to:
-collect more complete toxic pollution data daily,
-show additional, and more frequent, information (at least monthly, or weekly in high use times for the turbines), and
-require immediate media reports to the community when high ozone or other dangerous air problems are found by Fisk, Illinois EPA, etc.


Public Meeting about the Fisk Power Plant


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