Feb. 15th Public Hearing on Lead Pollution in Pilsen

Important Public Hearing on Lead Pollution in Pilsen: The Illinois EPA wants to hear from Pilsen residents

Wednesday, February 15th
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Casa Michoacán – 1638 S. Blue Island Ave.

PERRO’s work monitoring pollution in the Pilsen neighborhood over the past 8 years has lead the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to determine that there are serious concerns in regards to lead air pollution in the Pilsen community.  The Illinois EPA and the Illinois State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against H. Kramer and Co. a brass smelter at 1345 West 21st St. which they believe bears primary responsibility for the lead pollution problem.  The federal EPA has declared a two mile square area around Pilsen as non-compliant with air quality standards because of the high level of lead pollution in the air.  Lead pollution has serious health impacts especially for young children and pregnant mothers.  High levels of lead in children’s blood can damage their developing brains and lead to a host of learning and behavioural problems.

On Wednesday, February 15th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, PERRO (Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization) will be hosting a public hearing on the problem of air born lead pollution in the Pilsen community.  This is your opportunity to ask EPA representatives about their progress dealing with lead pollution in our air and express your concerns in regards to pollution in our neighborhood.  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Please join us Feb. 15th.

For more info call… (312) 502-7867

Jerry Mead-Lucero
PERRO Organizer


For more info visit: pilsenperro.org or call Jerry Mead-Lucero at (312) 502 7867.

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