EPA agrees to test for pollution levels near Fisk and Crawford plants…

In September, after a decade long campaign to close the plants, the Fisk and Crawford coal fired power plants ceased operations.  Pilsen and La Vilita residents should see an improvement in coming years of the quality of our air as a result.  However, members of both communities asked PERRO and LVEJO (Little Village Environmental Justice Organization) to find out how contaminated the sites are and how that might still effect the surrounding community.  PERRO and LVEJO reached out to the EPA to try to get answers to these questions.  In response, the EPA has taken a number of steps, including the decision to test air quality near the facilities and to test radiation levels.  The idea is to better understand if their is a possibility that contaminated dust or other contaminants are effecting the surrounding community   The tests will began the first week of December and continue for a period of weeks if not months.  As results become available we will post them here.

We are assisting the EPA is distributing flyers describing the testing.  You can download a PDF version of the flyer here: English | en Español.

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