Community Forum on Green Space in Pilsen – Sept. 19th…

New Green Space in Pilsen?
What do you think?
What do you want?

GreenSpace2 GreenSpace1

Residents of the Pilsen community have an historic opportunity to expand green space (parks, gardens, river walks, etc.) in our neighborhood. Proposals have been put forward for new green space at the now closed Fisk Coal Fired Power Plant on Cermak Ave. and the former Lowenthal Metals site at 947 W. Cullerton Ave.

Which proposals do you support?
What do you want to see?

Come see what has been proposed and offer your own ideas, suggestions and input…

Thursday, Sept. 19th – 6:30 PM
Casa Morelos – 2015 S. Morgan St.

We need your input. Make sure your voice is heard!

Invite your family, friends and neighbors.

For more info…  Call: (312) 854-9247  or  Email:

2 thoughts on “Community Forum on Green Space in Pilsen – Sept. 19th…

  1. I would love to see more green space in Pilsen. I currently live in the Pilsen Community and we need more people who care about the environment to make contributions to the area. Please help keep pollution away make the community even more appealing and inviting for people traveling and visiting Chicago. This will improve the quality of the area. Thank you.

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