Ald. Solis says YES to metal shredder and NO to our health!

Ald. Daniel Solis supports the plans of the Pure Metals Company to build a metal shredding facility across from Benito Juarez High School. Shredders pose serious risks to the health and safety of the surrounding community through soil and water contamination, increased traffic, noise and vibrations, and air pollution that can cause cancer and other health issues.

Solis dijo si a la recicladora de metal y no a nuestro bienestar. El concejal Solis apoyo los planes de la empresa Pure Metals en la construcción de una recicladora metal frente a la secundaria Benito Juarez. Este tipo de recicladoras representan serios riesgos a la salud, contaminación de la tierra y el agua en los alrededores de nuestra comunidad, incrementa el tráfico, ruido y contaminación en el aire que puede causar cáncer y otras enfermedades.

solis shredder halfsheet

Candidates opposing Solis in the 25th Ward race – Roberto Montano, Byron Sigcho and Jorge Mujica – are unanimously against the metal shredder.

PERRO is not endorsing any one candidate – but this Election Day, we are asking you to vote for your health/vote por su salud!


PERRO’s Metal Shredder Report

84% of Pilsen voters oppose metal shredder in PERRO referendum

The following is an excerpt from DNAinfo’s coverage of an aldermanic forum at UIC earlier this month:

Montano says that he is “totally against” the shredder, adding that the environment is not a “Johnny-come lately-position” for him.

“I testified … to shut down the Fisk Coal Plant while I was Danny’s chief of staff,” Montano said. “Eventually, I got tired of testifying against his policies.”

Instead, the land should be added to Dvorak Park, making a path of public green space all the way to the Chicago River, he said.

As a Pilsen Alliance board member, Sigcho has protested against the proposed metal shredder “from the beginning” and has helped the organization file appeals against the project in court.

What should go at the site should be up to the community, Sigcho said.

“We need more green spaces, more places for children near Juarez,” he said.

Mujica said the shredder offers few jobs in exchange “for the continued pollution of Pilsen.”

“It’s ridiculous, really,” he said. If he were alderman, he would only allow the shredder if legal guarantees were made to ensure a safe, environmental-friendly operation that only exclusively employed Pilsen residents at a wage of at least $15 per hour.

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