Ald. Solis makes right call on heliport but is wrong on Pure Metals…

Early last week, members of PERRO were pleased to hear that Alderman Daniel Solis had pulled his support for a proposal to build a heliport at Halsted and 24th Street.  PERRO had raised concerns that the heliport had received no community review process and could bring noise and air pollution to the Pilsen community.  On Tuesday, February 18th we found out that the Alderman had issued a letter to Chicago Plan Commission pulling his initial support for the project because of the fact that community had not been consulted.  A planned hearing for the project at the Plan Commission last Thursday, February 20th was subsequently postponed.

However, PERRO was upset to discover Friday that despite previous claims that he had yet to make up his mind on the Pure Metals proposal to build a metal recycling facility across the street from Juarez High School, he is clearly in support of this dangerous project.  Below is a photo of the letter that was delivered by the Alderman’s staff to the City Council at the Zoning Board Hearing on Friday, February 21st expressing his support for Pure Metals.

This is an insult to the dozens of community members who turned out last Friday to express their opposition to the Pure Metals proposal and who waited as long as 10 hours to testify.  The City Council chamber was filled with opponents who numbered so many that in the end they were not all able to testify.  We are very disappointed in the Alderman’s decision on this dangerous new polluter and will continue to work on preventing the project from moving forward.  Stay posted for future developments.

Solis ZBA Letter

2 thoughts on “Ald. Solis makes right call on heliport but is wrong on Pure Metals…

  1. The problem with Alderman Solis is he just cares who pays him the most and where he will find the next job for his friends. Do we see a pattern here that he will flip flop on anything and really does not care about the community. Please review his history with Uno and Midwest Generation. He should not be in government as it does not pay him enough so he makes all these side deals. He is an embarrassment to the city and the Latino community. The Veriport is a competing project and has Victor Reyes as the lobbyist for the Illinois Medical District so of course Alderman Solis backed off as he is scared of Victor Reyes. Please do not fool yourself that he cares about the community– he does not– he cares about himself.

    1. I suspect Solis will not see another term, but hey this is Chicago after all. Currently the public is only aware of “contributions” that are reported by Solis i.e. over 30K from Acme Refining. Who knows what favors and unreported cash has been exchanged for pushing the Shredder zoning through. Mark Swedlow, president of Pure Metals, claims there is nothing to be concerned about regarding the federal raid on Acme August 22, 2013. Wait to see just how dirty Acme is when the search warrant is unsealed in coming months which brings us to another point; Acme’s current EPA violations at one of their yards in Lake Bluff IL. It is a matter of public record that Acme has been fined and held responsible for cleaning up the yard throughout most of this year. A majority of Pure Metals is owned by Bret Barron who is Chief Operating Officer of Acme Refining. Much of the scrap that will be feeding the proposed Pilsen shredder will be coming from Acme yards on Acme trucks and from Acme clients who ultimately could be responsible for paying for negligent contamination of air, water and or land as is the Lake Bluff facility. Wake up Pilsen! your high school students and the entire community is at risk. Look at the State of Illinois EPA evidence and keep your eyes and ears open for the opening of federal search warrants and indictments likely to follow.

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