Ald. Solis says YES to metal shredder and NO to our health!

Ald. Daniel Solis supports the plans of the Pure Metals Company to build a metal shredding facility across from Benito Juarez High School. Shredders pose serious risks to the health and safety of the surrounding community through soil and water contamination, increased traffic, noise and vibrations, and air pollution that can cause cancer and other health issues.

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Mayor Emanuel announces next steps to transform Fisk Coal Plant site into community asset

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined leaders of the Fisk and Crawford Reuse Task Force to announce today that the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and NRG Energy have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore potential redevelopment of the Fisk coal plant site into a CTA bus garage and maintenance facility. Significant sections of the Fisk site would also be set aside as open space and a park for use by the community, and the site will be better connected to the Chicago River. Continue reading

“NO METAL SHREDDER!” Say Pilsen Voters by 84%!

Voting on Nov. 4th 2014 at Lozano Library, Pilsen.

Yesterday the voters of Pilsen spoke; PERRO’s referendum to the people of the 2nd precinct, 25th Ward (where the shredder would be located) asking if the shredder should be opposed passed 84% in favor of opposition. See the results for yourself here.

Congratulations to the community for expressing their view and to the many PERRO volunteers who knocked doors, had hundreds of conversations with neighbors and handed out many more fliers!

If you are reading this and haven’t done so, please JOIN PERRO! Come to our next meeting! Contact Victoria Leigh Thurmond at (312) 854-9247 or to find out more.

Community meeting: Report out on Health Impact Assessment…

PERRO has been work with the Adler School of Professional Psychology on conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the Pilsen community.  The purpose of the project has been to determine how additional green space in Pilsen is likely to impact health outcomes in the neighborhood.
Adler is ready to provide preliminary results of the HIA and gather more community input at a community meeting next Tuesday…
Community Meeting: Report out of HIA Findings
Tuesday, August 26th from 5:30 until 7:00PM.
Bartolome de Las Casas – 1641 W. 16th St.
We really hope you will all attend.  It is important to get your feedback before the report is finalized.Community Flyer- Pilsen 8.19.14-page-0

Elkhart residents warn Pilsen: Metal Shredders are dangerous!…


The company Pure Metal Recycling plans to build a metal shredder in Pilsen. Come to a public forum to learn about the dangers of metal shredders before they build one next to Juarez High School!   Find out from people who know — the residents of Elkhart Indiana, who fought for 3 years to shut down the dangerous metal shredder in their community. Several Elkhart residents are coming to Pilsen to talk about the explosions, noise and pollution that the metal shredder created in Elkhart.
Public Forum on the Danger of Metal Shredders
Wednesday, August 13th – 6:30 PM
Casa Michoacán – 1638 S. Blue Island Ave.
Let us know you are coming. RSVP at the following link…

PERRO, EPA and Lozano students host public forum on polluted soil in Pilsen…

SoilTestingPERRO, The US EPA and the students of Lozano Justice Leadership Academy are organizing a public forum for June 21st. At this forum you will find out the following…

  • The results of recent EPA testing of soils throughout the Pilsen community. Are we at risk?
  • The results of the Lozano students independent tests of soil in the Pilsen community.
  • What are the EPA plans to deal with this situation?
  • How can you protect yourself from contaminated soil?

THE EPA WILL ALSO TEST YOUR SOIL SAMPLES FOR FREE! For a flyer on how to collect soil samples, see this link…

Click here for soil sample collection instructions

Saturday, June 21st – 12 Noon to 2:00 PM
Lozano Leadership Academy – 2570 S. Blue Island

For more info call… (312) 854-9247 or…

No metal shredder next to Juarez High School! Make your voice heard tomorrow…

We can’t allow this to happen in our community…


Join PERRO on May 29th to deliver a message to Alderman Solis…


Alderman Solis currently supports the plans of the Pure Metals Company to build a metal shredding facility across Cermak Ave. from Juarez High School.  Such facilities pose serious risks to the health and safety of the surrounding community.  Metal shredders are known to result in…

  • Increased air pollution
  • Soil contamination
  • Pollution of waterways (this facility will be next to the Chicago River)
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Increased truck traffic
  • Noise and vibrations

Such a facility does not belong next to a high school and a block away from a residential neighborhood.

Join us for two events on May 29th:

10:00 AM – Rally and Letter Delivery
Alderman Solis Ward Office – 1800 S. Blue Island Ave.
We will deliver a letter to the Alderman demanding he drop his support for Pure Metals.

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Candlelight Vigil
Alderman Solis Ward Office – 1800 S. Blue Island Ave.
If by the end of the day the Alderman has not dropped his support for Pure Metals we will be holding a vigil to encourage him to change his mind.

We need your support!  We need to send the Alderman a clear message.

For more info contact PERRO…     or      (312) 854-9247