PERRO presentation January 28th 2017/Saturday @ 2pm/Lozano Library/Speaker: Mike Tiboris

 Guest Speaker: Michael Tiboris, Water Expert

Date: January 28, 2017

Were: Lozano Library 1805 S Loomis, Chicago, IL

Time : 6 pm

Cities are morally responsible for removing lead water hazards, but it will be expensive, as well as legally and socially complicated.  What are some short and long-term steps to dealing with the problem, and what does this imply about who is responsible for the safety of urban drinking water?

Michael Tiboris is a Global Water Fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Public Fellow for the American Council of Learned Societies.  He writes about water justice and the role of water in foreign policy.  This includes work on fair resource distribution, urban water quality crises, water conflict, and cooperative transboundary resource governance.

Michael Tiboris, Ph.D.  Fellow, Global Water

Public Fellow, Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies
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EPA began the Remediation Pilsen Soil/ Kramer Project

The EPA finally started the remediation of those homes that tested positive for lead in Pilsen in the radius between Allport St and Loomis St and between 18th Pl and 21st. Kramer Foundry at 1345 W 21st was found accountable by the  EPA thru a legal binding decree December 2015. Only about 5 homes will be done before they begin the remaining 54 homes the spring 2017

Community Meeting/1852 W 19th St/November 9th 2016 @ 6:30 pm/Permit Application for new rotary furnace by H Kramer & Co

The Illinois EPA will host a community meeting regarding a permit application by H Kramer & Co. for a new rotary furnace.
Date: November 9th (Wednesday) 2016
Where: 1852 W 19th St, Chicago (National Museum of Mexican Art)
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Permit application has been extended to December 15th 2016.